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There is nothing more exciting than messing around with makeup to find the perfect contour that compliments your face, the best beauty blending brush that brings your eye shadow all together or the best matte lip colour to give fullness to the lips!
Samantha Helen is an MUA inspired by the creativity of the arts! Her phenomenal work covers the face and also a little bit of body are too! I think it is safe to say that Samantha is more than just your average MUA!
We caught up with her to give you a little more of an insight into her work!





How long have you been an MUA?

My background started out as an art junkie, I studied art, photography and fashion through school and college and had no idea where my creativity would fall into the working world. At 19 I decided to move to Manchester to study makeup with the hope of finding a really creative job in the industry itself. I have dedicated 3 years so far into mastering how to become a skilled MUA.


Do you have a business?

As of yet I don't have a business however I am starting to create my Instagram into a hub of creative makeup ideas not only for Halloween, but a place of artistic inspiration for character and costume makeup which I hope will lead me onto my own creative makeup business.




What is your favourite makeup brand and why?

My favourite makeup brand is quite hard to decide on! I mainly use MAC in all of my work as the pigments and ranges of colour are amazing. However, I do have a secret love for incredible makeup geek eye shadows. Interns of special effects makeup, Mehron is my fave! They have the best products for creative artists and the paints are so intensely pigmented.


What inspired you to start?

My inspiration came from a number of things. My love and passion for art combined with my obsession for creating weird and wonderful things. I love how makeup can create a single character in a thousand different ways. I began to become inspired through watching movies and stage shows, I have always loved the theatre. Also just being surrounded by creative people in the industry, we feed off each other's excitement and passion for makeup which really channels my creativity into creating different and detailed looks.


How can we book you!?

You can book me through my email or call me on 07929728509. I am based in Manchester and I also cover the surrounding areas - mobile and freelance



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